Bruno's site.

Bruno's site.

How was this site setup?

A couple of days ago I asked on twitter what should I use to set up a simple personal site to host things I wrote and pictures I took.

There were way more answers than I expected. Thanks to everyone for the input! Some of the most mentioned suggestions where:

  1. Medium
  2. Wordpress
  3. Static site with something like Jekyll or Gatbsy
  4. Next.js

In the end, I went for next.js deployed with Vercel. Reasons below.

  1. Medium: I'm not a fan of content platforms like Medium. I'd like to be 100% in control of my content. Plus, it's too oriented to written content.
  2. Wordpress: Tried it in the past, but don't like the interface, plugins, themes, etc. It's too much of an overhead and sites tend to be slow. After that experience I wanted to try writing my own site.
  3. I almost go for Gatsby, but in the end I preferred having the flexibility that next.js offers of doing both static sites and server side rendering.
  4. While having the possibility of eventually building a full fledge rect app if I need it down the line was something I liked a lot, the factors that defined the decision where that:
    • It's incredibly fast
    • The tutorials and documentation are amazing

I also joked on twitter that while there are many technical reasons to choose Gatsby or next.js, the creator of next.js and CEO of Vercel (Guillermo Rauch) is from argentina so that also helped tip the scale :).

After deciding on the approach it took me around 2 hours to follow the next.js tutorial that resulted in the first version of this site, on which I'm writing this post.

Being able to build and deploy a site that is this fast, for free, in such a short amount of time, certainly felt like magic!